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Grand Traverse County Commissions Invited to Watch LINE 5

Grand Traverse County Commissioners invited to attend LINE 5: THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES


After attending the Grand Traverse County Commissioners' meeting yesterday morning, (which disappointingly resulted in 4 of 7 commissioners approving county support for Enbridge's tunnel plan resolution), it was apparent that many commissioners lacked a thorough understanding of the issues and hazardous risks that the deteriorating and damaged oil pipelines pose in the Mackinac straits. Enbridge's tunnel would take 5-10 years, at best, to build—and with no plan to decommission Line 5 in its current state, the threat of a dangerous oil spill in Michigan's Great Lakes and waterways is very real.

American Transmission Company which owns the utility line that was severed last year due to a 6-ton anchor strike—and resulting in the dual pipelines being severely damaged—issued this April 30th statement regarding the tunnel plan in a letter to the Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority: "ATC does not believe that installing high voltage electric lines in close proximity to high pressure oil or gas lines is a good idea." This, and even more facts about the dangers of Line 5 and proposed tunnel, was brought to light through public comment with over 50 constituents, concerned citizens and leaders of environmental organizations voicing opposition to the Canadian-based oil company's resolution.

Grand Traverse County Commissioners were invited to attend LINE 5: THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES by Barton Bund which will be showing this coming MONDAY, AUGUST 26th at the STATE THEATRE from 6-8 pm. Doors open at 5:30. Please join us for appetizers and refreshments before the screening begins at 6:00 with a live Q&A following the film. Thank you to the Grand Traverse County Commissioners who voted to oppose the tunnel plan resolution—Betsy Coffia, Bryce Hundley, Sonny Wheelock. And Special Thanks to OilAndWaterDontMix, FLOW For Love Of Water, Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities and others for your dedicated research and community organization.

LINE FIVE:  A New Documentary Now Available On YouTube

Enbridge Energy's Live Five oil pipeline was designed to last 50 years. It was built in 1953. Each day, this aging and damaged pipeline carries 23 million gallons of oil and natural gas across the Straits of Mackinac. This waterway is known for its powerful and unpredictable currents. An oil spill there could destroy more than 700 miles of coastline. The Great Lakes contain 20% of the world's fresh water. And these waters are at risk. LINE 5: PART ONE explores the grave dangers of keeping this pipeline running. Scientists, experts, and Michigan residents give passionate accounts of the terrors of oil contamination in the water.  

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